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How To Stop Your Beard From Being Itchy

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A well-groomed beard looks good, feels good and gives you confidence. But getting to the point of a nice, full, well-groomed beard isn't always easy. Many men struggle with the itching and irritation that come with the growth of a beard.

If you’re one of them, then you know how frustrating it can be to deal with the constant itchiness and discomfort.

Fortunately, there are several ways to stop your beard from being itchy.

Before we delve into the solutions, let's take a look at why beards itch in the first place.


Why Do Beards Itch?


Beard itch is a common problem many men face when they start growing a beard. The cause of beard itch is usually due to irritation of the skin beneath the beard caused by the hair follicles.

The hair follicles on your face produce sebum, which is a natural oil that moisturizes and protects the skin. When you grow a beard, the sebum produced by the hair follicles can’t reach the surface of the skin. That leads to dryness and irritation.

Also, when you shave, you remove the top layer of dead skin cells. That allows the sebum to flow freely to the surface of the skin. When you stop shaving, the dead skin cells build up and lead to clogged hair follicles. And that causes your beard to itch.

Another cause of beard itch is ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs occur when hair grows back into the skin, which causes irritation, redness and itchiness.

Now that we understand why beards itch, let's look at some solutions to stop the itchiness.


How to Stop Your Beard from Being Itchy

The answer to how to stop your beard from being itchy is to wash your beard regularly, massage beard oils into your beard, regularly brush and comb your beard and avoid using harsh chemicals on your beard. 

These and other essential beard care practices can greatly reduce the itchiness you feel. We explain each of these beard care practices in detail in this blog. If you follow these tips, your beard should look and feel great.


Wash Your Beard Regularly

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Washing your beard regularly is important to preventing beard itch. When you wash your beard, you remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells that can clog hair follicles and cause irritation.

Use a mild beard shampoo specifically designed for facial hair. Regular shampoo can strip the natural oils from your beard and lead to dryness and itchiness.

After washing, use a conditioner to moisturize and soften your beard. This will help prevent dryness and reduce beard itch.


Apply Beard Oil

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Beard oil is a product that is specifically designed to moisturize and soften your beard. It contains natural oils that mimic the sebum produced by your hair follicles.

Applying beard oil regularly will help prevent dryness and reduce beard itch. It will also make your beard more manageable and give it a healthy shine.

To use beard oil, apply a few drops to your palms and massage it into your beard. Make sure to work it into the skin underneath.


Brush Your Beard

By Jove Boar's Hair Beard Brush

Brushing your beard is an important step in preventing your beard from itching. Brushing helps distribute the natural oils produced by your hair follicles, which can help prevent dryness and reduce beard itch.

We recommend using a beard brush made with natural boar’s hair bristles. Brushing your beard in the direction of growth with a boar’s hair beard brush helps to massage the skin beneath your beard, which exfoliates and helps spread natural oils. The By Jove Boar’s Hair Beard Brush also helps remove dead skin flakes and other unwanted elements from your beard.


Grooming and Trim Your Beard

Grooming and trimming your beard are important steps in preventing beard itch. Particularly when you have a long beard, you want to make sure to comb, brush and groom regularly to prevent tangles and irritation.

Use good quality beard trimming scissors or an electric beard trimmer to keep your beard well groomed. Trim your beard regularly, and make sure to use a comb to ensure an even cut.

We also suggest using a beard hair catcher to same time and hassle when you trim. The easier and quicker you can trim your beard the more often you are likely to do it.

By Jove Beard Hair Catcher

The By Jove Beard Hair Catcher is an all-one-piece, easy to put on and take off beard hair catcher. Nothing to set up and no parts to lose. Just unfold it and put it on in seconds before you start trimming. The integrated tray captures your beard trimmings for easy disposal. Then just fold it up and snap it shut and it's ready to go the next time.

So before you finish this blog, take a few moments to check out our By Jove Beard Hair Catcher.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals found in many grooming products can cause dryness and irritation. Using such chemicals can also lead to beard itch.

Avoid using products that contain alcohol, fragrances, and sulfates. Instead, choose products that are specifically designed for beards and contain natural ingredients.


Maintain a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet also helps prevent beard itch. Eating a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals can, among other things, help maintain healthy skin and hair.

Include foods that are rich in vitamin A, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and leafy greens. Vitamin A is important for skin health and can help prevent dryness and irritation.

Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and walnuts, can also help prevent dryness and reduce inflammation.


Exercise Regularly

Man with beard exercising

Exercise is important for overall health, but it can also help prevent your beard from itching. Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, which can help promote healthy hair growth.

 Make sure to include regular exercise in your routine, such as cardio and weightlifting. Not only will you look good, but cardio and weightlifting will help maintain healthy skin and hair as well as help prevent beard itch.


In Summary

An itchy beard is a common problem that can be prevented with proper grooming and skincare. Regular washing, the use of beard oil, brushing your beard, trimming, avoiding harsh chemicals, maintaining a healthy diet, and exercise are all important steps to preventing beard itch.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy a healthy and itch-free beard. Remember, a well-groomed beard not only looks good but feels good as well.

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