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What is a Beard Hair Catcher

Guy wondering what is a beard hair catcher

For as long as men have had beards, they’ve been trying to figure out an easier way to groom their beards without making a mess and having to spend time cleaning up afterward. Bearded guys have also been trying to find an easier way not to make their significant others angry by leaving beard hairs on the sink.

That’s where beard hair catchers come in. Beard hair catchers, also known as beard trimming catchers, basically come in two styles. We’ll take a look at both.


What is a Beard Hair Catcher

A beard hair catcher is a practical grooming accessory designed to collect and trap facial hair during the beard trimming and grooming process. It acts as a barrier between the sink or countertop and the falling beard and mustache hairs. This prevents the scattered mess on the sink and floor that often comes with grooming your beard.

For decades, guys tried lots of homemade solutions, such as laying newspaper or paper towels over the sink or trimming in the shower.

For those who have tried it, you know trimming your beard in the shower can be little bit difficult. It can be hard to do precision trimming work as well as keep all of your beard grooming products and tools you need in your shower.

And paper towels or newspapers are just a mess, bad for the environment and don’t work very well.

That’s why the first generation of beard hair catchers was invented.


First Generation Beard Hair Catchers

The first generation was an option which received a lot of publicity when it first

Suction cups used for beard hair catcher

came out because it was the first ready-made, out-of-the-box option way to prevent getting beard hairs all over your sink. It was produced by a company called Beard King.

The product basically consisted of two plastic suction cups that you would stick to your bathroom wall or mirror and a vinyl sheet which you would wrap around your neck.

The vinyl sheet had a couple of holes in it on one end which you would use to hook the sheet onto the two suction cups that were stuck to the wall. You would then wrap the other side of the sheet around your neck.

As a first-generation device it worked pretty well. But time and use have shown its limitations.

First, it’s a hassle to set up, particularly for doing quick trims. If you want to just do a little detail work or get rid of a couple of stray hairs for a meeting or date, it’s just too much of a hassle to set up the device with multiple parts that attach to a wall.

Vinyl sheet used for beard hair catcher

Also, those who have used suction cups for almost anything know that very quickly they can become misshapen and stop sticking to the wall. Also, not all bathrooms have a perfectly smooth wall or a mirror big enough to properly place the suction cups.

And, like anything with multiple parts, those parts can be lost or break overtime. You also couldn’t move while using this type of beard hair catcher because were attached to the wall.

Lacking anything better at the time, this type of beard hair catcher served a purpose.

Next Generation Beard Hair Catchers

It was because of the limitations of that first-generation device, that the next

Blue By Jove Beard Hair Catcher

generation beard hair catcher was developed.

The next generation, multi-patent pending By Jove Beard Hair Catcher is all one piece, so there are no parts to lose or set up. It folds open in seconds and catches and traps your beard trimmings in an integrated tray. You can then easily brush your trimmings into the trash. It then folds back up in seconds.


How Does a By Jove Beard Hair Catcher Work?

Using the By Jove Beard Hair Catcher is a simple and straightforward process.

The user simply unfolds and puts on the all-one-piece catcher. As you groom your beard, the hairs fall down into an integrated tray that captures the hairs.

Easy to dispose of trimmings beard hair catcher

When you’re done, the tray folds into a V shape allowing you to easily funnel your beard hairs into your bathroom waste basket without them scattering around the bathroom.


Benefits of Using a By Jove Beard Hair Catcher

Less Mess and Less Clean Up

One of the most significant advantages of a beard hair catcher is the mess-free grooming experience it offers. No longer will you have to deal with tiny hairs scattered across the sink, vanity or bathroom floor. The By Jove Beard Hair Catcher keeps all the trimmings contained for easy disposal. This makes cleanup a breeze.



With a beard hair catcher, the time spent cleaning up after grooming sessions is drastically reduced. There's no need to waste time doing a major cleanup of beard clippings, as the catcher handles the mess right from the start.


Water and Plumbing Savings

Beard Hair Catcher folded up

Beard hairs can be notoriously stubborn and can clog drains over time. By using a beard hair catcher, these hairs are effectively trapped before they can go down the drain, potentially saving you from expensive plumbing issues.


Portability and Convenience

The By Jove Beard Hair Catcher is designed to be compact and portable, making it easy to carry on trips or store away when not in use. This makes it perfect solution for weekend trips or when staying at your significant other’s place.


 Why Beard Hair Catchers are Becoming More Popular

According to some studies, 44% or nearly half of all men in America have facial hair. The market for beard hair accessories is also expected to grow to $43.1 billion by 2026. That is almost double the market size from 2018.

Smiling man with a beard

Mustaches have also seen a huge comeback in the last half decade. According to Gillett, roughly 9.5% of American men sport a mustache.

So facial hair of many types is simply becoming more popular and as a result there’s a greater need for more and better beard trimming accessories.

The demand for beard hair catchers and other accessories is growing. And a beard hair catcher is a grooming accessory that has proven to be a game-changer for guys with beards.

By offering a mess-free, easy-to-use and time-saving option, beard hair catchers have become an indispensable tool worldwide.

So, if you're tired of the post-grooming cleanup battle and want a cleaner and more efficient way to groom your facial hair, the By Jove Beard Hair Catcher is the best solution.

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