Tired of Beard Hairs On Your Sink?
Here are Four Easy Hacks
To Keep Trimmings Off Your Sink

Even quick trims get beard hairs everywhere. And once they're scattered, trimmings are hard to clean up. And washing them down the drain causes nasty and expensive clogs.

So Here Are Four Ways to Avoid The Mess.

Trim Your Beard in the Shower

This can be a great option and be at least part of your grooming routine.

The upside is your beard hairs go directly down the drain and avoid messing up your bathroom.

The downside is that you won't always need or have the time to shower every time you want to do a quick trim.

And while shower drains can usually handle more hair than sinks, they, too, will eventually clog.

Lots of guys also like to use a combination of trimmers, scissors and beard products, which can be hard to manage in a shower.

Beard Trimmers with Vacuums

Vacuum beard trimmers essentially suck the beard hairs up as you cut them.

These can be a great option for large grooming jobs. However, reviews on their effectiveness at vacuuming up all the wayward hairs are mixed.

The downside is they take a bit of set up. They also aren't helpful when you just want to do a quick trim or detailed grooming  with scissors.

They can be great for macro grooming. But when you want to do shaping and other more precise grooming, large trimmers with vacuums don't do the trick.

They also don't catch beard hairs when you comb your beard out after grooming.


By Jove Beard Hair Catcher

By Jove Beard hair catcher is an all-one-piece beard catcher that keeps hairs off your sink.

It goes on in seconds and its integrated tray captures trimmings as they fall for easy disposal.

It then folds and snaps shut in seconds for easy storage or transport.

No parts to lose, break or set up. 

The biggest advantage off this beard hair catcher is it's super easy and quick to use and avoid the mess rather than having to clean up afterward.

The fastest and easiest beard catcher available.

You can check it out here:


Lay Paper Towels or Newspaper over the Sink

This technique is pretty self-explanatory.

Just lay a bunch of paper towels, a towel or newspaper over your sink before you start trimming.

The benefit of this technique is that everyone has these items around the house.

The downside is that it's a waste of money and bad for the environment to throw out paper towels every time you want to trim your beard.

It's also really hard to get beard trimmings out of a cloth towel. And it's nearly impossible to get beard hairs from the towel into a waste basket without scattering them again.


Quicker Trims. Less Mess.

Sometimes you just want to quickly sharpen up your look before a zoom call or date.

You don’t want the hassle of setting up suction cups and a big vinylv sheet and you don’t have time to take another shower.

The By Jove Beard Hair Catcher provides the quickest and easiest option. It goes on in seconds. Its integrated tray traps beard trimmings for quick and easy disposal.

You then you just folded back up and snap it shut.

There is no quicker and easier way to keep beard trimmings off your sink.

Easiest & Quickest To Use

No Suction Cups! Other beard hair catchers use suction cups that you stick to the wall and then you connect a vinyl sheet from you to the suction cups on the wall.

However, reviews say the suction cups eventually break or stop sticking. You're also stuck to the wall, can't move and they are just too much of a hassle to set up

The By Jove Beard Hair Catcher has no suction cups. It's all one piece so it goes on and comes off in seconds. No parts to lose, set up or break.

Less Mess

It's just much easier to prevent the mess to begin with than to try to clean up beard hairs afterward.


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